Overweight TeenThe evidence is growing every day, more and more of our children are showing signs of heart disease! This is devastating to the health of our nation and world, and from the statistics, is only getting worse.

As many as 50% of overweight children and 60% of obese teens are already showing signs of heart disease. This was unheard of in earlier generations. The introduction of processed foods and soda has been a major contributor to this epidemic.

Overweight, Obese Teens Show Early Heart Risks

"By Kathleen Doheny May 21, 2012 -- Two new studies show the early health risks the ever-enlarging number of obese US teens face, from diabetes to heart damage. According to new research from the CDC, many overweight and obese teens who appear otherwise healthy already have heart disease risk factors such as high blood pressure. As many as 60% of obese teens are affected...

The researchers found at least one heart disease risk factor present in:

  • 60% of obese teens
  • 50% of overweight teens
  • 37% of healthy-weight teens

Parents should be encouraging healthy lifestyles and should also be aware that these cardiovascular risk factors are present during adolescence. "


The study does point out something very important that is not often said, parents should be encouraging healthy liftestyles. Unfortunately, since many parents themselves aren't living healthy lifestyles, they won't pass on good health habits to their kids.

In order for this trend to reverse, it's imperative that parents take responsibility for not only their own health, but show their children how to live a healthy lifestyle. This includes getting at least 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day (or more), avoiding soda, getting sunshine daily, avoiding processed foods and getting plenty of rest nightly.

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