VitaminsRecently, a government panel reversed the long standing belief that vitamins are good for you and recommended to postmenopausal women against taking calcium and Vitamin D supplements:

A leading U.S. government advisory panel has proposed that postmenopausal women not take low-dose calcium andĀ vitamin DĀ supplements daily to ward off bone fractures....

The news was a bit of a bombshell, given that women have been told for so long to take calcium and vitamin D, said Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, director of women and heart disease at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and a spokeswoman for the American Heart Association. "What we're really seeing is no role for calcium for the prevention of osteoporotic fractures. At this point, there's no reason to be taking calcium," she noted....More at Older Women Should Not Take Calcium, Vitamin D: Task Force ...

This isn't a surprise to me and many others since studies have shown that overall, the best source of Vitamin D is sunshine which has many additional benefits, and that calcium supplements aren't effective. The best source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and all nutrients is from fresh, whole, naturally or organically grown fruits, vegetables and selective nuts and seeds occassionally.

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