Today I heard about a service called Bistro MD that delivers a 'gourmet style diet' to your door and is doctor designed. BistroMD is designed by Dr. Caroline Cederquist M.D. , a Bariatric Physician and contributing Medical Editor to the NBC Today Show.

My first thought is that if a diet and food delivery service was designed by a doctor, it's most likely not nutritionally sound. Doctors on average get less than a handful of hours in nutritional training during their entire schooling, and to suggest doctors are the best source for a nutritionally based program is flawed. This isn't to say that some doctors aren't well studied in nutrition, some are, but they are in the minority. Dr. Cederquist is an author and specialist in helping her patients lose weight at her wellness center and private practice in Naples, FL.

Second, I noticed the phrase 'get restaurant quality food' on the website in describing the meals. This alone would turn me away since almost all restaurant foods are not nutritionally sound and a main source of the obesity crisis in America today where 70.8% of men and 66.2% of women are overweight.

Third, all of the meals are cooked and then frozen to deliver to your home. The nutritional quality of food decreases as soon as it's cut or prepared, and then further decreases, albeit slightly, when it's frozen. The most nutritious and healthy foods are those prepared fresh and eaten shortly after preparation.

The sample BistroMD menus are filled with health offensive foods including at least 2-3 servings of meat (including beef and bacon) and/or fish a day, complex processed carbohydrate offending foods like bagels and muffins, dairy foods, BBQ'd snacks and dishes and many more. The menus are gourmet style, but frankly these types of meals should be eaten infrequently, perhaps a few times a month, but not daily in the interest of best health.

The best choice for healthy foods are simple, fresh, uncooked, organic fruits and vegetables, greens, nuts, seeds and natural grains. Most studies and nutritionists agree that a diet consisting mainly of these fresh foods is the answer to avoiding disease and successful, permanent weight loss. The BistroMD menus focus mostly on animal foods that are lacking fiber, high in protein and a confirmed source of most disease today. Fiber is one of the most important factors in a healthy diet and most Americans already eat a diet high in protein.

That being said, it appears from customer feedback that many do lose weight and get results from the Bistro MD program. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the BistroMD program is an improvement over their existing poor diet (like the example of Kevin on the Dr Phil show, a 44 year old weighing over 700 pounds) and it provides a convenient way to eat in a slightly healthier manner since the foods are delivered directly to their homes. This may give customers less reason to stop at a fast food restaurant and enjoy gourmet style foods at home, which would be an improvement to their diet. And it's easy as their website mentions, just heat and eat. Can't get more convenient than that, but is convenience really the answer to permanent and healthy weight loss? Not in my opinion.

Bistro MD may be helpful if used occasionally (not on a daily basis) integrated with meals consisting mainly of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. The best solution would be to save the money, and change your lifestyle to prepare your own fresh mainly plant based meals. But I know that may not be a priority for most busy families today and a service like Bistro MD can be helpful.

To your best health!

Mark Idzik


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