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Government Panel To Women: Do Not Take Calcium, Vitamin D

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VitaminsRecently, a government panel reversed the long standing belief that vitamins are good for you and recommended to postmenopausal women against taking calcium and Vitamin D supplements:

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Avoid Vitamins and Sugar, Live 15 Years Longer

Posted on October 20th, 2007 in anti oxidants, food, free radicals, fresh fruits vegetables, german scientists, life, modified foods, natural grains, research, studies, sugar, sweets, vitamins and supplements, worms | 1 Comment »

German scientists have found that by giving up sweets and avoiding vitamins, you can extend your life by about 15 years.

In researching the effect of reducing the amount of glucose given to worms, they found that it extended their lives about 25%, or 15 years in human terms.

But it isn't for the reason you and I would suspect.

When the glucose was reduced, it increased the amount of free radicals (we normally hear this as a bad thing) and in turn, used energy from other sources to build up long lasting defenses against free radicals.

Now, if they were fed anti-oxidants in the form of vitamins, those free radical defenses weren't built up. So the combination of lowering sugar and letting their system do what is supposed do naturally, they build up long lasting defenses.

This would go against the suggestion of many that anti-oxidant vitamins and supplements are good for you. From this research, it appears it may actually be the opposite.

In my research and experience, I go back to nature, letting your body do what it does best. Feed it as nature intended, avoiding the processed, fortified and modified foods and supplements and concentrate on fresh fruits, vegetables, natural grains, nuts and seeds. This automatically keeps the processed and added sugars and supplements out of your diet and not only could extend your life, but also increase the quality of your life!

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