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Largest Meat Recall in History, Much Already Consumed By Our Children

Posted on February 18th, 2008 in children, environment, fast food, fresh meat, mad cow disease, processed meat, recall, united nations, vegetarian diet | 1 Comment »

The largest meat recall in history, initiated by the USDA yesterday, covers over 143 million pounds of beef processed over the last 2 years by Hallmark/Westland Meat Packing Company, based in Chino, CA.

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World Cancer Research Reveals Dietary Recommendations

Posted on November 28th, 2007 in breastfeed, cancer, canned meats, canned soups, deli meats, diet, diet recommendations, dietary recommendations, disease, food, fresh meat, frozen foods, lunch packs, natural grains, pepperoni, processed meat, processed meats, related studies, sodium nitrite, studies, sugary drinks | 1 Comment »

Hundreds of researchers taking part in a 5 year study reviewing over 7,000 cancer related studies now have specific dietary recommendations to avoid cancer.

The recommendations include:

  • avoid all processed meats
  • limit intake of all meats (including fresh meat)
  • eat mostly plant based foods
  • be active for at least 30 minutes daily
  • stay lean and fit
  • avoid sugary drinks (like soda)
  • eat fast foods sparingly, if at all
  • breastfeed children for at least 6 months

First and foremost, the study concluded that processed meat of any type should be avoided completely for life. Processed meats include deli meats, sausages, hot dogs, bacon, links, canned meats, beef jerky, meats in pizza and sauces, meats in kids lunch packs, meats in canned soups, meats in packaged frozen foods, ham, salami and pepperoni.

The main culprit in these foods is sodium nitrite, followed by MSG and other chemicals and additives. They are proven to cause disease and other health issues and should be completely avoided for life.

The study also recommended limiting intake of all meats to 11oz per week, if at all. Their diet recommendations are to eat mostly a plant based diet, avoiding sugary drinks and alcohol and eating a small amount of unprocessed grains daily.

These recommendations are not surprising, mostly a confirmation that what most of us have known for years. To avoid disease, and specifically cancer, concentrate on eating a diet of fresh plant based foods including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and natural grains and stay active outside in the sunshine daily.

To read the 537 page study, visit:

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Low Carb Diets Linked With Cancer

Posted on July 1st, 2007 in cancer, diet, food, fresh meat, fruits and vegetables, research, studies | No Comments »

Fresh MeatScientists from the Rowett Research Institute have discovered that those on a low carb diet, a diet normally low on breads, pastas, fruits and vegetables, cause a 4-fold reduction in a cancer fighting fatty acid found in the stomach.

The fatty acid, called butyrate, is created by cancer fighting bacteria in the stomach. In the study, dieters that ate a low carb diet had a four-fold reduction in the bacteria and are at risk for colorectal cancer.

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Low carb diets in general avoid the most important foods in our diet, fruits and vegetables. Not only do they provide the nutrients not found in most other foods, they also contain fiber, not found in meat or animal products, that is essential for good bowel function. It's no surprise to me that the risk of colorectal cancer increases since it's quite clear from other studies and good common sense that your body needs fiber to function properly, and that avoiding it will often cause cancer.