Watch out, you may be asked to pay more for your company's health insurance plan if you're out of shape.

More and more companies are taking a controversial approach by 'encouraging' employees to get fit by lowering their deductibles if they pass a yearly physical fitness test. If they don't, they pay a much larger deductible.

Would you get in better shape to save thousands every your on your health insurance?

I think this is a brilliant plan since it rewards those that are healthier and file fewer claims. Until now, everyone pays the same regardless of their physical health.

It's simple economics... and it works. For example, in the video below, you'll see how an Arkansas county saved over $1.5 million dollars in a year and half after implementing the new plan. When they started, they were in the red half a million dollars. It shows how an economic incentive can help make lifestyle changes and benefit everyone.

In times when health care costs are skyrocketing, this type of incentive is badly needed... and it's a win-win situation. Overweight employees lose weight, feel better, have more energy and are more productive. They also add years to their life and most likely live better quality lives at home.

Initially many employees find this an intrusion and violation of their rights. After going through the program for some time, they seem to appreciate the benefits for themselves and their employer.

To your best health!


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