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Swine Flu Vaccine Linked To Killer Nerve Disease

Posted on September 1st, 2009 in children, disease, germs, raw food diet, research, vaccinations, vaccines, vitamin d | No Comments »

In a confidential letter from British Government officials to neurologists, they are being asked to watch closely for a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) that has been linked to the swine flu vaccine shot.

GBS can cause paralysis and the inability to breathe and can be fatal.
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HPV Vaccine Gardasil Warning, Risks

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UPDATE: As of fall 2011, there are now 49 reported deaths that have been linked to Gardasil and thousands of negative reactions. (Source:

Girls getting the HPV vaccine Gardasil are having more side effects and 32 have died. The side effects are not minor and emergency room visits have tripled in comparison to other vaccines given to the same age group. Adverse effect reports from the Gardasil vaccine to the CDC and other organizations continue to pour in but the CDC and Merck continue to say it's safe and that the benefits outweigh the risks. Perhaps they should speak to the parents of those almost 10,000 affected. This goes back to my contention that the strongest defense against most every illness or disease is a strong immune system - not a vaccine. The only way to get a strong immune system is to 'get out the way' and let our body heal naturally, get out of the way by keeping our bodies nurished with natural foods that keep our immune system strong, and taking care of our bodies by getting adequate rest and treating them as they should, as a temple and gift. Not by introducing a foreign vaccine that causes pain, seizures, swelling, paralysis, warts and death among other complications. And with HPV specifically, in healthy women it is self-limiting and poses no real danger. In most cases it has no symptoms or ill-effects. The worst part about this is that 24 states had introduced legistation to make this vaccine mandatory for school age girls and would not allow them to attend school without it. The good news for now is that most of the legislation has been put on hold or killed before being put to vote, but that is not stopping the manufacturer. Watch the video below for more information. Consider the implications to our freedom and the health of our children. Consider the costs to those already affected by the vaccine.



It’s Official: Red and Processed Meat Kills

Posted on March 30th, 2009 in coronary artery disease, coronary heart disease, deli meats, disease, heart disease, heart health, overweight, processed foods, processed meat, processed meats, red meat, vegan, vegetarian | No Comments »

The largest and highest quality study about the relation between eating red and processed meat and longevity reports that there is about a 30% greater risk of dying prematurely.

The study included over half a million participants, more than any in the past, and recorded their levels of meat intake. The results were pretty clear and consistent with other studies and what I've been saying for many years... red and processed meat kills. The diseases most identified with read and processed meat consumption were cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Out of the more than 500,000 followed over a 10 year period, 71,252 died prematurely as a result of excess red and processed meat consumption that resulted in cancer or cardiovascular disease.

By comparison, those eating a plant based diet had the least incidents of disease, consistent with previous studies that reported a vegetable based diet was the most heart healthy.

Similarly, another study, the Oxford Vegetarian Study, followed 15,000 subjects and found that meat eaters are twice as likely to die from heart disease, have a 60 percent greater risk of dying from cancer and a 30 percent higher risk of death from other causes.

While the statistics are important, there were other revealing parts of the study most have not reported.

The report also indicated that red meat eaters tended to be married, more likely white, more likely smokers, have higher body mass index, have a higher daily intake of total and saturated fat, had lower activity levels, lower intake of plant foods (fruits and vegetables) as well as vitamins.

Another interesting aspect of the report was that there was an increased risk associated with death from injuries and sudden death with higher consumption of red meat which I found interesting.

Red meat is red animal meat, and processed meats include sausages, hams, bacon, deli meats, hot dogs, cold cuts, hamburger and many other meats that could also be classified as red meats.

Bottom line is as I've always suggested, if you'd like to live longer, have more energy, reduce the risk of most any disease, avoid red and processed meats. Now the statistics confirm the recommendations.

Unfortunately, the study recommends eating a variety of other animal foods which will still kill you, just a little slower. The best diet is a mostly plant based diet that will give you the most energy, prolong your life, reduce risk of most every disease and allow you to attain your optimal weight and health. If you're wondering what plant based meals you can add to your diet get specific meal plans and exclusive recipe videos at Learn Healthy Meals.

To read the study abstract visit the Archives of Internal Medicine.


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Why You Should Avoid Dairy Products

Posted on January 15th, 2009 in cancer, disease, food and drink, health, milk, natural health, prevent cancer, research | 1 Comment »

nomilk.jpgMilk, it does a body good. Or does it?

The latter is true, according to accumulated research over dozens of years.

Dairy products, including milk, cheese and  foods made with dairy products are shown to increase heart disease, the top killer in the United States today with nearly a million deaths a year.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn from the Cleveland Clinic, one of the top rated heart clinics in the world, puts all his heart patients on a vegan diet specifically for this reason, making them 'heart attack proof'. He's also written a groundbreaking paper on the subject in the American Journal of Cardiology as well as being featured in the DVD 'Eating' citing animal foods as the main reason for heart disease. 

Study after study for over 20 years have linked high dairy consumption with heart disease. 

In a study published in the International Journal of Cardiology, researchers studied seven countries with a high consumption of dairy products and found that heart disease mortality rose as milk supply rose.

Researchers who studied dietary links to heart disease in 32 countries found that, of all dietary factors studied, milk carbohydrates played the biggest role in the development of heart disease in men over 35, and nonfat milk played the biggest role in the development of coronary heart disease in men over 45.

Researchers studying 19 Western countries concluded that heart disease mortality rises as consumption of milk protein rises. The researchers noted, "Multiple regression analysis confirmed the importance of the milk factor … as a determinant of variation in ischemic heart disease mortality rates."

"Milk consumption is related to arteriosclerosis," confirmed yet another group of researchers. " Recent landmark studies confirm a previously suspected close correlation between milk intake and arteriosclerotic heart disease." 

And more recently, according to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, the consumption of dairy products, especially milk, increases a man's risk of contracting Parkinson's disease.

Dairy consumption is also linked to prostate and breast cancer, primarily due to the higher fat and hormone levels.

But it doesn't stop there, according the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, cow's milk is the number one cause of food allergies in children. And according to Dr. Frank Oski, former director of pediatrics at John Hopkins University notes that there is evidence that up to 50% of the children in the US have some allergic reaction to milk.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, dairy is linked to many more adverse health issues.

Dairy products are mucus forming and clog your system. Internationally renowed wellness physician Dr. Christiane Northrup states: "Dairy is a tremendous mucus producer and a burden on the respiratory, digestive, and immune systems." Dr. Northrup says that patients who "eliminate dairy products for an extended period and eat a balanced diet … suffer less from colds and sinus infections."

Additionally, the mucus created by milk may cause other health problems as well. Dr. William Ellis, who's studied the effects of dairy foods for more than four decades, says that milk is "simply no good for humans." Dr. Ellis believes that the excess mucus caused by milk can harden to form a coating on the inner wall of the intestines, hindering the absorption of nutrients and possibly leading to chronic fatigue. 

One of the best ways to improve your health would be to eliminate dairy products and focusing on a mainly plant based diet. Find more research, links and articles regarding the dangers of milk and dairy products here:

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