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Is Irradiating Foods Like Spinach and Lettuce Helpful?

Posted on September 25th, 2008 in chemicals, conventional foods, conventional producers, disease, farmers markets, fda, food, food poisoning, food production, toxins | No Comments »

spinachRecently the FDA ruled to allow producers of conventionally grown spinach and lettuce to irradiate the leafy vegetables to apparently 'make them safe'.

Will this help or is it just a ploy?

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How To Avoid The Increased Costs of Food and Get Healthier Too

Posted on May 19th, 2008 in conventional foods, dairy foods, eating habits, farmers markets, food, organic foods, whole foods | 1 Comment »

With the costs of food going up, reports of food shortages and rationing, and of course not to mention the cost of transportation... how do you stay healthy and keep from breaking the bank?

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Whole Food Pioneer Gets Organic Certification, Mission to Improve Your Health

Posted on January 9th, 2008 in addictions, animal foods, conventional foods, diet, food, food production, fresh fruits and vegetables, processed foods, weight loss, whole foods, wholefoodfarmacy | No Comments »

Phi PlusOne of the few purely 'whole food' companies in the market today, WholeFoodFarmacy, has been granted Organic Certification on three of their popular foods, Phi Plus, Cranberry Phi and Coco Cherry Phi.

Organic certification means that all ingredients are sourced from foods that are grown naturally and free of pesticides and chemicals.

WholeFoodFarmacy is a great example of how food companies can encourage healthy living habits and provide products that support their vision. The company believes strongly in the benefits of whole foods and only supplies products that are minimally handled and contain only whole food vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices and natural grains. Here's a little more directly from their mission statement:

"The ingredients to health, happiness, vitality, and longevity are no secret. Every major non-profit health organization in the world has been offering the same advice for many years. Eat more fruits and veggies, drink more water, exercise on a daily basis, lose weight if you need to, don't smoke, avoid toxins, & reduce stress.

To that end, we have combined delicious, healthy foods, with convenience and affordability. Our salon quality personal care items offer superior results without the toxic chemicals.

Nothing short of a consumer based, grass roots return to healthy choices and lifestyles can steer our children, and future generations, in a healthier direction."

They plan to continue the Organic Certification of the balance of their products and provide only the best foods available.

Personally, my family enjoys the foods and many of the natural personal care products. In fact, one of their 13 day programs, the Tri-Decathlon, helped many family members, friends and readers lose excess weight, regain their health and their tastes for a more natural, whole food diet. I often recommend these programs to those looking to make an improvement in their health, be it losing weight, overcoming a health issue or just wanting to improve their diet.

The reason these foods work is because you eat only whole foods for the 7 or 13 days and your body regains its natural taste for fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and natural grains. They are conveniently packaged and the program is easy to follow (eat as much as you want!). Once you lose the 'addiction' to the Standard American Diet (SAD) of fats, clogging dairy products, heart un-healthy meats and processed and junk foods that a majority of Americans (and now becoming the world) eat, you regain your body's natural taste for what nature intended. You start eating more fresh fruits and vegetables in combination with the WholeFoodFarmacy foods and snacks. In this way, changing your habits is much easier since you are not fighting with the taste addictions (cravings) that cripple many diet efforts and makes it much easier to regain your health, your optimal weight and just feel better all around. The foods are convenient, mostly uncooked, tasty and made from all natural whole foods, nothing else.

And regardless of the fact the New Year is upon us when many of us look to make healthier choices, any time is a great time to take back your health, your body and continue a path to your best health for life. You only have one, why wait?

Visit the WholeFoodFarmacy for more information.

To your best health!

Mark Idzik

Are These Ingredients In Your Meals?

Posted on August 26th, 2006 in aspartame, canned soup, cellular health, chemical additives, conventional foods, dangerous ingredients, diet, diet soda, dr russell, excitotoxins, food, hydrogenated oils, monosodium glutamate, neurotoxic, nutritional deficiencies, processed meats, russell blaylock, sodium nitrite, toxins, vegetarian foods | No Comments »


1) Sodium nitrite -- causes cancer, found in most processed meats like hot dogs, bacon, sausage. Used to make meats appear red (a color fixer chemical).

2) Hydrogenated oils -- causes heart disease, nutritional deficiencies, general deterioration of cellular health, and much more. Found in cookies, crackers, margarine and many "manufactured" foods. Used to make oils stay in the food, extending shelf life. Sometimes also called "plastic fat."

3) Excitotoxins -- aspartame, monosodium glutamate and others (see below). These neurotoxic chemical additives directly harm nerve cells, over-exciting them to the point of cell death, according to Dr. Russell Blaylock. They're found in diet soda, canned soup, salad dressing, breakfast sausage and even many manufactured vegetarian foods. They're used to add flavor to over-processed, boring foods that have had the life cooked out of them.

Source: A new book by Mike Adams, entitled "Grocery Warning" takes a scientific look at a plethora of problematic ingredients in the everyday foods we eat.

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