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Cellphone Use Linked To Brain Cancer

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A 10 year study looking into whether or not cellphone use is linked to three types of brain tumors has found that long term users have a higher risk of developing cancer later in life.

The World Health Organization (WHO) oversaw this study involving 12,800 people in 13 countries.
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10 Reasons NOT To Get The Flu Vaccine

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"Over the past ten years I have been studying the effects of immune stimulation on the developing child’s brain, and I have written and had published eight papers for peer-reviewed journals on this subject. Based on these studies, I have significant reservations concerning the proposal to vaccinate pregnant women and small children with the H1N1 swine influenza vaccine, as well as seasonal flu vaccines."

Dr Blaylock @

It's more important than ever, especially this year, to protect your children and loved ones from the flu vaccine (both regular and H1N1) more than the flu itself. Here are ten reasons why:
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