As the health and cosmetic industries have been 'scaring' us to death by threatening skin cancer from being out in the sun, an abundance of studies have recently concluded that just the opposite is true.

Vitamin D, the best and most natural source being exposure to the sun, has been show to help reduce risks of many cancers by as much as 75% according to the latest study from the UCSD School of Medicine.

And the numbers aren't promising. Over 51% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D and at higher risk for disease, including breast cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer.

The following videos show the numbers and explain more about optimal levels of Vitamin D. Not surprisingly most reported cancer cases are in the northeast part of the US where sun exposure is lowest on average.

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Some of the Vitamin D supplement suggestions aren't recommended since sun exposure is the best all around source. Even the doctors mention that food supplements aren't the best and all have shortcomings.

In addition to sun exposure to increase your vitamin D levels, eating healthy meals and getting adequate exercise are all part of a healthy life to keep disease risks as low as possible.

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To your best health!