Did you know you can eat as much as you want and be healthy... and at your optimal weight?

Now some may say this isn't true... or maybe unhealthy, but here's the kicker.

You can eat all you want AND be healthy... it just depends on WHAT you eat.

You see, if you eat the right foods, the foods that support your health, you can eat as much as you want. And that isn't unhealthy because you will only naturally eat what your body needs when eating the right foods. You'll never overeat when you clear your system of the 'franken foods', the processed and fortified things that are called 'food' but are not even close.

Your body has an amazing system that tells you when you're satiated and full, but it only works properly when you eat the right foods. Many processed and prepared foods have ingredients that bypass your natural system so you overeat and rarely feel full. And therein lies the problem.

When you don't feel satiated and full you normally don't make healthy food choices. Nothing seems to satisfy you. And this is where most fail in getting to their optimal weight or health. They don't know what to make to keep them naturally satiated!

Have you ever reached for that prepared frozen dinner, bag of chips or pizza because it's just there? You don't know what to make so you reach for whatever is convenient?

You're not alone, we've all done it.

The key to reaching your optimal weight and health is to have plenty of easy to make recipes. Easy and fast and great for not only yourself, but the whole family as well.

That's where Learn Healthy Meals comes in. I've designed this to make it easy for you to review and search the exclusive recipes any way you want, plus send you new recipe videos regularly. Fast healthy recipes. You'll find tips on how to rid cravings, hunger, how to setup your kitchen, help your children make better health choices and much more.

And since it's peach season in many parts of the country (like here in Arizona), I've just added a peach pie recipe that takes only minutes to make. It's one of two pie recipes I'll be adding that you can eat as much as you want, is healthy and your whole family will enjoy. In fact, we had a similar version of this pie for dinner three times last week (we have lots of fresh peaches). Yes, a whole pie!

If you're a Learn Healthy Meals member, you can view this recipe, plus all past videos at the site.

If you're not a member, no worries, just visit:


and try it out at no cost.

And later this month, I'll be adding the one recipe that has been most responsible for diminishing cravings and hunger...and keeping me on track... the delicious hearty mixed veggie bowl coming later in June. I guarantee you haven't seen anything like it! It can literally change your life.

Enjoy and always to your best health!


Your health and weight release coach