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HPV Vaccine Gardasil Warning, Risks

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UPDATE: As of fall 2011, there are now 49 reported deaths that have been linked to Gardasil and thousands of negative reactions. (Source:

Girls getting the HPV vaccine Gardasil are having more side effects and 32 have died. The side effects are not minor and emergency room visits have tripled in comparison to other vaccines given to the same age group. Adverse effect reports from the Gardasil vaccine to the CDC and other organizations continue to pour in but the CDC and Merck continue to say it's safe and that the benefits outweigh the risks. Perhaps they should speak to the parents of those almost 10,000 affected. This goes back to my contention that the strongest defense against most every illness or disease is a strong immune system - not a vaccine. The only way to get a strong immune system is to 'get out the way' and let our body heal naturally, get out of the way by keeping our bodies nurished with natural foods that keep our immune system strong, and taking care of our bodies by getting adequate rest and treating them as they should, as a temple and gift. Not by introducing a foreign vaccine that causes pain, seizures, swelling, paralysis, warts and death among other complications. And with HPV specifically, in healthy women it is self-limiting and poses no real danger. In most cases it has no symptoms or ill-effects. The worst part about this is that 24 states had introduced legistation to make this vaccine mandatory for school age girls and would not allow them to attend school without it. The good news for now is that most of the legislation has been put on hold or killed before being put to vote, but that is not stopping the manufacturer. Watch the video below for more information. Consider the implications to our freedom and the health of our children. Consider the costs to those already affected by the vaccine.



How Do You Lose 10 Pounds?

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It's one of the more asked questions on the internet: How Can I Lose 10 Pounds?

It's also one of the things so many of us struggle with every day.

But it doesn't have to be difficult or a struggle.

You see, losing any amount of weight is simple if you know how. Of course everyone knows that you have to eat a healthy diet and exercise. But what's healthy? What do you want to eat and what do you want to avoid?

What's good exercise?

How do you handle the cravings? The emotional attachments to certain foods? The excess weight that you just can't lose?

These are all issues that can derail your progress towards your optimal weight. Most books, guides and systems don't address these vital issues.

About 5 years ago I was 50 pounds overweight and desperately looking for a solution. I had searched for, bought and tried most every system and plan on the market. I lost some weight, but it normally came back with a vengance. I wasn't able to find that permanent solution and stop struggling.

All I wanted was to feel good, to feel confident and to be healthy at my optimal weight. I almost thought that this was as 'good as it was going to get'!

Then I found the one 'tweak'.

The one tweak no one has the courage to talk about.

No system I've reviewed includes this tweak, but it's essential to permanent and healthy weight loss.

In a very short time I lost all my excess weight and now 3 1/2 years later have been within 1 pound of the same weight... every day.

Is this something that makes sense to you?

I just can't do it justice here in a blog post, check it out:

There's over 222 minutes of video and audio of my experience plus everything you'll need to finally learn how to reach your optimal weight, lose your excess weight permanently.

I also believe in a totally natural approach so you won't find anything but the truth behind permanent, natural weight loss. It works every time because it's simple and natural.

To your best health!


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