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World Cancer Research Reveals Dietary Recommendations

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Hundreds of researchers taking part in a 5 year study reviewing over 7,000 cancer related studies now have specific dietary recommendations to avoid cancer.

The recommendations include:

  • avoid all processed meats
  • limit intake of all meats (including fresh meat)
  • eat mostly plant based foods
  • be active for at least 30 minutes daily
  • stay lean and fit
  • avoid sugary drinks (like soda)
  • eat fast foods sparingly, if at all
  • breastfeed children for at least 6 months

First and foremost, the study concluded that processed meat of any type should be avoided completely for life. Processed meats include deli meats, sausages, hot dogs, bacon, links, canned meats, beef jerky, meats in pizza and sauces, meats in kids lunch packs, meats in canned soups, meats in packaged frozen foods, ham, salami and pepperoni.

The main culprit in these foods is sodium nitrite, followed by MSG and other chemicals and additives. They are proven to cause disease and other health issues and should be completely avoided for life.

The study also recommended limiting intake of all meats to 11oz per week, if at all. Their diet recommendations are to eat mostly a plant based diet, avoiding sugary drinks and alcohol and eating a small amount of unprocessed grains daily.

These recommendations are not surprising, mostly a confirmation that what most of us have known for years. To avoid disease, and specifically cancer, concentrate on eating a diet of fresh plant based foods including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and natural grains and stay active outside in the sunshine daily.

To read the 537 page study, visit:

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Fruity Vegetables Help Keep Allergies Away in Children

Posted on November 20th, 2007 in allergic reactions, allergies, children, cucumber, diet, diets, eggplants, fish oil, food, fresh fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables, green beans, healthy environment, immunology, modified foods, pediatric allergy, positive influence, sick days, studies, tomatoes, zucchini | 1 Comment »

A study published in Pediatric Allergy and Immunology reported that children eating a diet high in fruity vegetables saw a reduced number of allergies and wheezing.

Fruity vegetables that they tested and had a positive influence included tomatoes, eggplants, cucumber, green beans and zucchini.

Additionally, they found children that ate fish or fish oil also saw a reduction in allergic reactions.

This is another in a line of studies that is showing the effects of diet on every day conditions like allergies, weight gain, disease and longevity, especially in children. Keeping children's diets clear of processed and modified foods, and high in fresh fruits and vegetables will gain them fewer sick days and more fun growing up in a healthy environment.

Source: Pediatric Allergy and Immunology

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It’s Official: Organic Is Better

Posted on November 17th, 2007 in antioxidants, chemicals, conventional producers, diet, farmers markets, five a day, food, grow food, localharvest, mineral content, natural farming methods, nutritional content, organic, organic business, organic foods, organic milk, organic produce, organic standards, organically grown, studies, toxins, walmart | No Comments »

USDA Organic CertificationThe largest study on the differences between conventional and organically grown produce has reported that organically grown fruits and vegetables are more nutritious and can extend a person's lifetime.

The findings also showed that fruits and vegetables grown organically have up to 40% more antioxidants which they believe can reduce the risk of disease and increase lifespan. They also found they had higher mineral content, including iron and zinc.

The $25 million study conducted in England also found that milk produced organically had up to 90% more antioxidants than conventional. The differences were so dramatic in all cases they studied the researchers indicated that even if some didn't meet the required daily 'five a day', referring to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, if they ate organic, they would satisfy the requirement with just 4 servings a day due to the increased nutritional content.

Read more about the study at the Times of London.

Of course, common sense will tell us that if you grow food in mineral depleted soil and spray it with chemicals it will have lower nutritional value. This is the first large study that confirms the difference.

However, be careful where you buy your organic produce. Because of the dramatic growth in the organic business, retailers like Walmart are sourcing many organic foods overseas from countries like China and Brazil and carrying organic milk from farms that have been criticized for not keeping the the established organic standards. Organic may not always be organic as the demand for products has tested the organic standards as conventional producers want to get into the business.

In addition to looking for fresh produce grown mainly in the states, look for locally grown produce. Most local farms today practice more natural farming methods, and don't hesitate to ask how they grow. It's you're health! You can find a list of farmers markets at

And finally, in my opinion, organic produce just plain tastes better. After you switch to organic over conventional, within a short period of time the natural tastes will come alive and you'll notice the difference.

To your best health!

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Get Vaccinated Or Go To Jail

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That's what parents are hearing in Prince Georges County Maryland today. Over 800 parents of children who have not been vaccinated have been ordered to appear in court this Saturday or face a fine and jail time. If the parents show up with their children, health officials will be on hand to administer vaccines on the spot.

Does this sound as strange to you as it does to me? Being forced to inject your child with a vaccine or be put in jail? Are we in a police state?

First there is no law in the United States that anyone must be vaccinated. Some states, including Maryland, have mandated that children in certain age groups must have certain vaccines, but they all have exemptions or waivers for religious and personal beliefs.

There are no laws, just mandates in certain areas. So how can Attorney General Glenn Ivey in Maryland threaten parents by saying "we can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way, but it needs to be done" ?

Second, there has been a rise in information, studies and data that vaccinations in general are unsafe. Many vaccines, including the ones mandated in Maryland, contain Thimerosal, a chemical preservative made, in part, along with toxic methyl mercury. This very toxic substance has been banned in many countries for years, but not in the United States.

To this day it appears that the motive of financial profit is above that of health and protecting people and drug companies continue to profit from mandates like these. NewsTarget has a great report on the dangers of Thimerosal. Drug manufacturers have apparently known about the dangers since 1991 or earlier according to records. But to this day, many vaccines are manufactured containing this toxic chemical and injected into our children, who are just developing their immune systems. There are volumes of data detailing the harm of giving children a toxic substance, even if common sense is set aside.

Here are some additional resources on this topic:

Vaccinations in general aren't as effective as you might think. Take the flu vaccine. Every year there is a new strain, but drug companies 'guess' what the strain may be to create the vaccine in time for the season. In studies it's been found that the chances of getting the flu or dieing from the flu were just as great before, during or after the flu season, regardless of whether the person got a shot that year.

The best medicine in most any health issue is prevention. Avoiding processed foods, toxins, pesticides and environmental pollution and concentrating on eating fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and natural grains, preferably organic. Staying active daily and keeping a positive outlook on life. These simple lifestyle changes give you an advantage in keeping you healthy and avoiding most health challenges.

If you feel this is as wrong as I do, take action. Learn more about the dangers of vaccines and do not allow your fellow citizens to be forced into injecting their children with toxic substances that are known to be harmful.

To your best health!