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Bill Maher Makes Sense of Health

Posted on October 29th, 2007 in bill maher, diet, disease, drugs, emotions, exercise, food, fresh fruits vegetables, health crisis, healthy snacks, medication, natural health, obesity, organically grown, staying healthy, video, whole foods, wholefoodfarmacy | 1 Comment »

I don't always agree with Bill Maher but on his show recently he talked about the health crisis we have in the United States... and he made sense. Watch:

Bill is right on here. As I've been saying for years, the solution isn't another pill, it's what you put into your body, on your body and what you do with your body that will determine how healthy you'll be.

There is no magic pill as the pharmaceutical industry or government would make you believe. And no, the government is not here to take care of you.

The only answer is to take responsibility for your own health by eliminating all processed foods, toxins, drugs and concentrating on as much fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and natural grains in their natural state, preferably organically grown as possible. Stay active and maintain a positive outlook.

We can encourage others to do this as well and 'vote' with your dollars by buying healthy foods and avoiding the junk. Share this with your schools, friends, co-workers, church members, family... anyone you can. If enough do this, the junk will go away because of simple economics, no one will buy it.

To your best health!


P.S. You can start by 'voting' with your own dollars and selecting healthy snacks and food for your family. Learn more.

Breast Cancer Drug Actually Causes Cancer

Posted on October 23rd, 2007 in american cancer society, breast cancer drug, cancer, diet, disease, drug tamoxifen, drugs, environmental toxins, exercise, food, insulin levels, international journal of gynecological cancer, medication, modified foods, prevent cancer, strenuous exercise, studies, toxins, uterine cancer, vitamin d, water | 1 Comment »

In a recent study published in the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer, the breast cancer drug Tamoxifen (sounds toxic, doesn't it?) was shown to actually increase the risk of uterine cancer and death in women.

This is only one of many studies that show Tamoxifen to increase instances and deaths from uterine cancer, although the drug is still on the market.

It's also interesting to note that most all prescription cancer drugs have a steep price tag, but small (if any) benefit. Some cost as much as $100,000 but only extend the patient's life a few months (according to their own research).

Why spend hundreds of thousands on chemicals when the best and most logical alternatives cost pennies in comparison?

Can you prevent cancer?

Yes you can, and here are the best ways to do it:

  • Stay active and get plenty of exercise. Strenuous exercise and activity that makes you sweat helps move toxins out of your body, helps keep your insulin levels down and makes you feel good, physically and mentally.
  • Get at least 30 minutes of exposure to the sun daily, preferably earlier or later in the day. The sun provides the best source of Vitamin D, proven to reduce by 50% your risk of getting any cancer.
  • Avoid processed and modified foods and concentrate on fresh, dried, preferably organic, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and natural grains.
  • If you have to cook some foods, steam them instead of any other method.
  • Maintain a positive outlook, release negative emotions and enjoy your life.
  • Avoid environmental toxins including synthetic air fresheners, pesticides, bug sprays, household cleaners and pollution.
  • Drink lots of spring or distilled water.
  • Get plenty of sleep.

And that's not just my opinion, even the American Cancer Society, most often tied to the medical establishment, has reported that upwards of 62% of all cancers can be avoided by making simple lifestyle changes.

Regain your health, save time and money and enjoy your life.

To your best health!


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Avoid Vitamins and Sugar, Live 15 Years Longer

Posted on October 20th, 2007 in anti oxidants, food, free radicals, fresh fruits vegetables, german scientists, life, modified foods, natural grains, research, studies, sugar, sweets, vitamins and supplements, worms | 1 Comment »

German scientists have found that by giving up sweets and avoiding vitamins, you can extend your life by about 15 years.

In researching the effect of reducing the amount of glucose given to worms, they found that it extended their lives about 25%, or 15 years in human terms.

But it isn't for the reason you and I would suspect.

When the glucose was reduced, it increased the amount of free radicals (we normally hear this as a bad thing) and in turn, used energy from other sources to build up long lasting defenses against free radicals.

Now, if they were fed anti-oxidants in the form of vitamins, those free radical defenses weren't built up. So the combination of lowering sugar and letting their system do what is supposed do naturally, they build up long lasting defenses.

This would go against the suggestion of many that anti-oxidant vitamins and supplements are good for you. From this research, it appears it may actually be the opposite.

In my research and experience, I go back to nature, letting your body do what it does best. Feed it as nature intended, avoiding the processed, fortified and modified foods and supplements and concentrate on fresh fruits, vegetables, natural grains, nuts and seeds. This automatically keeps the processed and added sugars and supplements out of your diet and not only could extend your life, but also increase the quality of your life!

Read more at Reuters.

To your best health!


England Takes Step In The Right Direction With Obesity Crisis

Posted on October 15th, 2007 in children, current trends, exercise, food, losing weight, obesity, physical fitness programs, prime minister, studies | No Comments »

Prime Minister Gordon Brown took a step in the right direction Monday when he announced a new initiative where schools would increase the number of physical fitness programs weekly. This comes on the heels of a report that a full 50% of Britons will be obese in 25 years if current trends continue. I agree with the schools comments that this is a good idea, although more importantly is what parents do at home. Studies have confirmed that parents are the primary influence in children's lives and the best thing to do is to be a good example and teach them proper eating and activity habits including eating a diet of primarily fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and natural grains.