Fresh MeatScientists from the Rowett Research Institute have discovered that those on a low carb diet, a diet normally low on breads, pastas, fruits and vegetables, cause a 4-fold reduction in a cancer fighting fatty acid found in the stomach.

The fatty acid, called butyrate, is created by cancer fighting bacteria in the stomach. In the study, dieters that ate a low carb diet had a four-fold reduction in the bacteria and are at risk for colorectal cancer.

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Low carb diets in general avoid the most important foods in our diet, fruits and vegetables. Not only do they provide the nutrients not found in most other foods, they also contain fiber, not found in meat or animal products, that is essential for good bowel function. It's no surprise to me that the risk of colorectal cancer increases since it's quite clear from other studies and good common sense that your body needs fiber to function properly, and that avoiding it will often cause cancer.