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Do You Eat Like Most Families Throughout The World

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TIME Magazine recently ran a photo story portraying the weekly diets of 15 families around the world. How interesting it was to see what other families throughout the world eat, and how much they pay for their weekly groceries.

I noticed something interesting throughout the photos.

Most all the families included soda in their diets, even families in Cairo, Egypt drank some type of soda. Notice also how much packaged food most families eat, it's amazing. But the most interesting fact was the TINY percentage of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds most families included in their diets. I was surprised to see this, noting that even families in Greece (who are normally known for their healthy Mediterranean diets) were eating 'Frosted Flakes' and stocking up on the soda. It's America exporting it's 'SAD' diet throughout the world, and not surprisingly, the health problems associated with them.

View the TIME photo essay and see for yourself.

Is it me, or do you notice a difference in how healthy a family looks compared to their diet?

Our friends, the Talifero family decided to include themselves in this photo essay. Notice the difference in what they eat and how they look compared to the other families.

If only 1 in 10 families would increase the amount of fresh produce in their diets, it would automatically better their health and reduce the amount of packaging and waste they go through every week. Start with a goal of 50% and work your way up to 80%, or ideally 100%. For some 100% may be unrealistic... just make it a goal to eat most of your diet consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. What a difference that alone would make. What can you do?

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Mediterranean Diet Helps Children’s Health

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Not surprisingly, a study from the National Heart and Lung Institute of London reported that a diet high in fruit and vegetable consumption, as found in the Mediterranean diet, helps keep allergies away in children.

The researchers interviewed 700 children aged 7-18 and found that those eating a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables had 60% less allergies than those that ate fewer amounts. Out of the study, 80% of the children at fresh fruit daily and 2/3 of those ate fresh vegetables as well.

Eating nuts also decreased additional allergic symptoms the study reported. The children in the study that ate nuts at least 3 times a week reported fewer specific allergic symptoms.

This indicates, as most all research does, that an increased consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is important to maintain good health. I also suspect that allergies decreased since the Mediterranean diet is lower in consumption of dairy products. Dairy products are highly congesting and proven to cause allergies. The SAD (standard American diet) normally is high in dairy product consumption. Your mom was right, eat those fruits and vegetables!

You can read more at: HealthDay.

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