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Dads Responsible For Fat Children

Posted on May 28th, 2007 in children, diet, eating habits, food, obesity, parents, research | No Comments »

In a recent study by Australian child health experts, they reported that the father was most responsible for having overweight children in the family.

Specifically, if a father was not involved in their children's lives, and/or didn't establish clear boundaries, they were more likely to have overweight children. Those fathers that did establish clear boundaries for their children overall had children with lower BMI (body mass index).

The study noted that this indicates a needed focus on the entire family, not just one or the other parent.

Additionally, it was noted that 40% of mothers and 60% of fathers of the overweight children were overweight themselves.

Read more from the study at

This study shows how teaching children where to set boundaries in their lives, as well as being a good example are key components to healthy children. I see it in my daughter everyday. She watches me closely and wants to do and eat the way I do ... if I choose poorly, so will she. Big responsibility and I'm glad to have it to be able to share the benefits of healthy living with my daughter. Perhaps it will change her life and all those she touches throughout her life. Small actions, big impact.

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Drink Beer Get Smaller Brain

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Research from Wellesley College in Massachusetts reports that drinking beer or wine can cause the brain to shrink.

In the study, the heavier drinkers had brain shrinkage of 1.6% more than those that didn't drink at all. Normal shrinkage from aging is approximately 0.19% a year. Comparatively, the shrinkage is drastic.

Women, long-term drinkers and the elderly seemed to be most prone to the shrinkage.

Killing brain cells can lead to memory loss, loss of coordination, confusion and brain shrinkage to increase the risk of epileptic fits and dementia.

Recommendation? Pass on the alcohol completely. The minor reported benefits from red wine can be more easily gained by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially red grapes.


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