How Television Affects Your Behavior [Video]

Television and Your BrainInteresting video on the affects of watching television. I found the explanation of how the 'fight or flight' reaction works while watching TV and how that affects our actions, especially in children and how it appears to be linked to hyperactivity.  In my experiences with my daughter, she normally acts different after watching television. Either very excited, spacey, not interested in doing much (other than watching more TV) and frustrated when I ask her to turn it off. Very different than her curious, happy, inquisitive self that is always interested in doing projects, crafts, workbooks, homework (yes homework!).

Overall, there is little benefit to watching television. The medium, as the video points out, is specifically designed to sell you something, whether it's a point of view, idea, activity, a product, or a service. You are both consciously and unconsciously bombarded with messages that are not in your best interest. Have you noticed that when you sit down to watch TV, it's often hard to turn off, even if you only plan to watch one program? Anywhere I go I see this happen with people of all ages. Commercials, previews, specials or other topics seem to draw you in. Oh I forgot, that's why it's called 'television programming'!

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How To Lose Weight: Obesity Linked To Low Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables?

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Another sad report of obesity among children, this one about 10 and 11 year olds. These reports are more and more common today, with sobering statistics showing how many children are overweight or obese. And the numbers aren't getting better:

GROUPS in Hucknall, through the Dispatch’s ‘Fit, Healthy and Happy campaign’, are being urged to tackle childhood obesity — after statistics revealed a third of all local ten and 11-year-olds are overweight.

Ashfield also has the highest number of obese adults compared to the rest of the county at 28 per cent. This could be related to also having the lowest consumption rates of fruit and vegetables....More at Third of all ten and 11-year-olds classed as obese

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Government Panel To Women: Do Not Take Calcium, Vitamin D

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VitaminsRecently, a government panel reversed the long standing belief that vitamins are good for you and recommended to postmenopausal women against taking calcium and Vitamin D supplements:

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Shocking Study: Overweight, Obese Teens Show Early Heart Risks

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Overweight TeenThe evidence is growing every day, more and more of our children are showing signs of heart disease! This is devastating to the health of our nation and world, and from the statistics, is only getting worse.

As many as 50% of overweight children and 60% of obese teens are already showing signs of heart disease. This was unheard of in earlier generations. The introduction of processed foods and soda has been a major contributor to this epidemic. Read the rest of this entry »

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Flu Shot or Vitamin D?

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Flu ShotFlu shots have been under the microscope more recently to determine whether they are effective in preventing or even reducing the occurrences of the flu. In a recent issue of HSI Alert, I noticed an interesting study and review that shed some more light on the subject. Read the rest of this entry »

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